Wow, SPLC, “A Coordinated Attack”? That Must be Tough.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2017

Omg, this is so tits.

The SPLC is lashing out like a cornered animal, spitting up foam, claiming that they are the ones that are victims of a “coordinated attack” by their enemies.

“The SPLC is currently facing a coordinated attack by far-right extremist groups we’ve named as hate groups,” they tweeted. Posting a picture of… the Klan or something. In reference to an immigration restriction group, a Christian pastor and a practicing Moslem, all of which are suing them. And I seriously doubt those three parties “coordinated” the attack.

This could be perhaps the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

They are the victims of the people who they labeled hate groups.

I will say that I never asked to be hunted down by these people. I never asked to be “tracked.” I never asked for my family to be victimized. I never asked to be bullied. I never asked to have every single one of my financial dealings interfered with. I never asked to have my website shut out of the real internet.

I am assuming that no one else on their “hate list” – which is in fact a hit list, designed to solicit violence against individuals – asked for it either.

This is an organization with $300,000,000 in off-shore accounts that hunts down and attacks people will virtually no money. Then, people gather the strength to fight back against these attacks, and the SPLC claims to be the victim.

Imagine a grown man going into a daycare center and kicking toddlers at random and then when the toddlers start to try to bit his legs he screams that he’s “under a coordinated attack” by toddlers.

The SPLC remains the only single political website in the history of the internet which directly instructed someone to commit a terrorist attack – the homosexual who shot up the Family Research Council in 2012 stated that he had found the address on the SPLC website, using their “hate map.”

Interestingly enough, in their latest hate attack – this lashing out against the chickens that have come home to do their roosting – the SPLC singles out the target of their terrorism.

SPLC top Jew Richard Cohen writes:

The group that is leading the attack is the Family Research Council (FRC), a group that routinely demonizes and spreads ugly lies about the LGBT community. The thing that makes it worse is that the FRC has a foothold in the mainstream, something that makes the group particularly dangerous.

The FRC is not currently suing the SPLC, to my knowledge. But apparently they are saying nasty things about them.

Still though.

I don’t think saying nasty things is as bad as sending in a shooter by publicly soliciting violence.

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