Trump: FEMA Can’t Stay in Puerto Rico Babying These Babies Forever

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2017

Our last large colony, Puerto Rico, needs to be let go.

Colonies simply do not make sense in the age of “human equality.”

This entire scene, with this mayor bitch whining like a little baby to be taken care of by Big Daddy Donald, has made a public spectacle of the fact that this relationship is no longer beneficial to us in any way.

We pour billions upon billions of dollars onto this island, and they offer us absolutely nothing.

Trump is calling out the absurdity of this situation, telling these little brown children that daddy can’t baby them for all of eternity.

However much we do spend, it is money that might as well be burned. There is no potential situation wherein we are going to get a return on this investment.

Just let them go deal with their own problems. Make a deal where they default on the debt in exchange for independence.

Maybe if they’re lucky, we’ll still send some of our people there on vacation for their beaches and hookers.

The only other option is to reintroduce some form of human slavery on the island, to send in Blackwater mercenaries to install a privatized police/slave state.

And apparently, America no longer has the stomach to brutally enslave brown people.

If any kind of real will to power existed, we wouldn’t have all these problems in the first place.

Giving up the mantle of both a divine and a evolutionary mandate to rule the world was mistake number one.