The Win We Needed: Richard Spencer Event was Fantastic

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 20, 2017

Yesterday’s Richard Spencer event was fantastic.

It was a good, solid win.

Nothing bad happened. It went off exactly how it was supposed to go off.

The optics of these screaming little babies in the audience were great.

Also great, although it was probably great on accident, was having this whole group of people on stage, with Mike Enoch coming out as the attack dog when Richard got stuck trying to intellectualize an insult.

The only negative thing was a guy in a swastika t-shirt getting beat by nogs outside of the event.

But that was a small thing.

I told all of you to not go to the event to protest outside. I did tell you that. There was nothing good that could have come from that. In general, there is not much good that can come from wearing a swastika t-shirt, especially in a crowd of niggers.

I don’t want to go full-paranoiac here, but if I was a kike placing an individual in a protest to create a scene, he’s exactly what that person would look like.

No one knows this guy and he was there alone. I mean, he could just be a legit neo-Nazi who no one knows. I guess.

Whatever. No big deal.

That was the only incident, and it wasn’t much of an incident.

Basically, we cost the university $600,000 – or rather, the antifa protesters cost them that – and walked away looking like completely rational men, while the libshits looked like irate psychos who want to silence any and all discussion, and believe white people do not even have a right to exist.

So, bravo to Richard, Mike and the rest of the team.

This was well planned and went off without a hitch.

And look – Spencer can keep threatening these universities and keep getting these gigs. This keeps us in the spotlight, and there is no risk.

I am going to keep on the plan that I gave for this event – if you can’t get in, protest off-campus, wherever. I think this is a standard model. There is absolutely no reason to keep engaging these antifa and nogs on the streets. And if we go with that, then we can say that next time some random swastika t-shirt guy who no one knows shows up for an interracial BDSM photo-op.

Here’s the full stage show, for anyone who missed it.

And here’s the press conference before the event, which was actually in some ways better than the event itself.

But yeah – people shouting doesn’t matter. Having a stage show is not bad. I think that a little bit less of the “you won’t respect my free speech” would be good. I think it’s good to point that out, but once the point is made, the point is made, and Spencer should just roll with it and go straight to debate with the audience. Because they were letting him answer questions. That is how the ideas can be communicated directly, and it also goes to show that these people don’t have arguments.

A speech should be prepared, just in case there is some school that is willing to hear it. But it should be assumed that they won’t, and this model of back and forth with the audience should be assumed.

And the media will keep celebrating “protesters disrupt,” and the interest in why this normal seeming man in a suit is not allowed to say “white people have a right to exist.”

Spencer Message

I’ve obviously criticized certain aspects of Spencer’s message before, but here, overall, I don’t think there was much to criticize.

He basically gave a shoutout to American nationalism – multiple times – by saying that this country was founded as a white ethnostate.

He still talks about this “White Zionism” idea, which I don’t really think is that great of a talking point. I also, for the record, don’t really think it is a very good idea – Jew Zionism only functions because Jews control the governments, banking and industry of non-Jewish nations. Zionism as nationalism wouldn’t be possible, because the country is too small and in such a hostile territory. Obviously, Spencer’s White Israel could be placed somewhere other than around a bunch of people who want to kill us, but there are still problems with any small nation.

Of course, mentioning White Zionism gives you a chance to point to Jewish double standards. Although I don’t really think that’s very important at these types of events. They should be pro-white more than anti-anyone else. Dropping a few mentions of Jews, as they did, is fine enough.

So I think the point that “America is for white people” is much stronger (both as propaganda and in intellectual terms).

But hey – he didn’t really go into that too much at all, so it’s fine.

Last Thing

Shoutout to Spencer’s boys in white shirts.

They looked fantastic.

Exactly the type of aesthetic we need to be going for. Straight up.