SPLC Addresses Infinite DramaQuest

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2014

Thanks for using the Link pic, guys.  It was one of my favorite parts of the whole debacle.
Thanks for using the Link pic, guys. It was one of my favorite parts of the whole debacle.  It is especially funny that you didn’t credit me with the caption and instead made it look to your readers unfamiliar with the situation that it was you using Japanese video game characters to mock Colin Liddell’s beliefs.  You made me lol, Jews.

The SPLC has weighed in on the Infinite DramaQuest in an article entitled “Eating Their Own: Several Feuds Erupt Among White Nationalists.”  Except they didn’t really “weigh in,” as in give some commentary on the situation, as they didn’t have to.  All they had to do was go through and explain how the whole thing went down in order to make us all look completely pathetic and childish.

As the reader is aware, this is my entire point in all of this.  I have continually tried to steer clear of adventure-based drama-mongering, as I view it as utterly destructive and pointless.  It does nothing but make us all look weak.  My own seminal dissertation on the scenario, entitled “Infinite DramaQuest: The Battle for the Soul of American White Nationalism Continues!” was designed to mock the situation itself, and thus inject some reality into what was happening.

A typical White Nationalist internet figure
A typical White Nationalist internet figure

This needs to stop.  I am fully open to working with any of these people, and do not hold grudges.  If any of those involved wish to cease and desist their childlike tantrums, I will support them and publish whatever it is they wish me to publish.  I am a grown adult with an agenda, and I have no desire to see my ancient blood heritage extinguished from existence over some goofy ego-driven nonsense.

Can you imagine the SPLC getting into a gigantic bitch-fest with the ADL and AIPAC?  Probably, you cannot imagine that because it wouldn’t ever happen and is completely unimaginable.  The reason for this is that these organizations recognize they are all on the same side.

So, once again, as far as I’m concerned, none of this ever happened.  No drama has ever happened.  Anyone who has ever attacked me is forgiven.

Let’s try and make this thing work, guys.

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