Shut It Down: Alabama “Hate Cops” Put on Leave After SPLC Complaint

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2015


Not only can the rat-faced monsters of the SPLC get Andrew Anglin kicked off of PayPal – they can also get cops fired from their jobs for their political affiliations.

The fact that this joke organization has this level of power demonstrates just how completely ridiculous our nation has become.

NBC News:

The City of Anniston, Alabama, placed two police officers on administrative leave Wednesday, following a watchdog group’s article alleging the pair are members of an organization described as a hate group.

The article, published on the Southern Poverty Law Center blog Hatewatch, states Lt. Josh Doggrell and Lt. Wayne Brown belong to the League of the South, a group the organization describes as “neo-Confederate.” According to the watchdog, the League advocates for a Southern secession and a society dominated by “European Americans.”

The city responded to the article by placing the two on leave and starting an investigation, according to a statement released by spokeswoman Aziza Jackson.

The police statement:

After being made aware of the Wednesday, June 17 article by the SPLC, the City of Anniston is taking the allegations made against Lt. Brown and Lt. Doggrell very seriously and have placed both officers on administrative leave. Lt. Brown and Lt. Doggrell do not speak for the City of Anniston nor the Anniston Police Department. The City of Anniston has commenced an investigation into this matter and will work diligently to ensure the appropriate action is taken.

Here is the SPLC article.

Here is the cop’s evil racist speech.

This is the new tactic of the system, as they feel their control weakening: lash out at absolutely everyone in a completely uncontrolled and ridiculous fashion to try and shut down all forms of independent thought.

It isn’t going to work.

Rage on, kikes.

You can’t stop revolutionary ideas by firing people from their jobs.


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