Shock as People Get Shot in Sweden! At the Market! (Score: 0)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2017

How does something like this happen???


At least four have been seriously injured after at least one gunman reportedly opened fire at a market in Trelleborg, Sweden, according to local authorities, who launched a “major police operation” in response to the incident.

At least four people have been taken to hospital, local media report. The police initially said that the four victims suffered gunshot wounds, but have later clarified their statement.

“At least two have [suffered] shot injuries, but some of them have other types of injuries,” police spokesman Fredrik Bratt told reported, specifying that the types of wounds have not been confirmed yet. The four people injured are men, according to the police.

The area of the incident is a central neighborhood full of multiple occupancy houses and shops. There is also a church and a number of open green spaces.

“We have received several reports of a shooting in Trelleborg,” the police spokesman had explained earlier, according to British daily the Express. “When we arrived at the scene, several people with gunshot injuries were found.”

“There were many shots. We saw someone running outside,” an eyewitness told the Swedish publication Expressen.

“I was at home at the computer when I heard a loud bang,” Aron Tydén – another person in the area – told the publication, claiming that he heard people running.

Another eyewitness heard at least six shots from his apartment, saying that the shooting took place on a lawn near the church of Saint Nicholas.

“I saw a lot of people running… It was chaotic. Immediately after that the police appeared, and the ambulance,” the witness was quoted as saying by Sweden’s GP publication.

Sweden has serious gun control. Obviously, you can always get guns, but you’d think someone capable of going through that trouble would probably manage to actually kill someone.

I mean – Sweden has a higher homicide by gun rate than a lot of EU countries, just because there is such a high percentage of Moslems there. But these are generally gang-warfare deaths.

This is the first Swede terrorist attack with a gun that I’m aware of. It is usually knives in Sweden. Plus a 2010 bombing, and then the recent peace truck incident.

But oh wait sorry no.

Within hours, the police already know FOR A FACT that this is not terrorism.

Must be part of the ongoing Islamic mental illness epidemic.

During these events, it is exactly like a terrorist attack – with the attacker screaming “Allah Akbar” and everything – but they don’t do it because of Islam but instead because they’re mentally ill.

In fact, terrorism doesn’t actually exist anymore, except when like, some white man crashes a car and a fat woman has a heart attack. That is the only kind of terrorism that remains. Everything else, we’ve discovered, is mental illness related.

Because of course, Islam is a religion of peace. Meaning that if you killed in the name of Islam, you did it because you were mentally ill and didn’t understand the true nature of the religion.

In fact, the invasion and conquests of North Africa, West Asia, Spain and Eastern Europe were not “Islamic conquests,” but “mental illness conquests.” Indeed, the Koran itself, with all it’s calls for slaughter, is in fact a product of mental illness. True Islam is peaceful. No true Moslem is violent, so if someone is violent, they aren’t a Moslem at all.