Political Correctness Kills: French Police Missed Jihadi Terrorist Because They were Obsessed with “Far Right”

Diversity Macht Frei
October 20, 2017

Those of you who have followed my blogging over the years will no doubt remember the “Mohamed Merah” terrorism case in France from 2012.

The unusual aspect of this case was that it spanned 11 days, involving multiple incidents, and for a while it wasn’t clear whether the perpetrator was a jihadi or far right. The first person killed was a Muslim soldier. In the second incident, three soldiers were shot, two of them Muslim. The third incident was an attack on a Jewish school. All of these were compatible with either a far-right or jihadi interpretation.

During the entire period, the Establishment media, in France and elsewhere, was obsessed with the idea that this was a French Breivik. Anyone with a bad word to say about Islam or immigration was blamed for stirring up racism and Islamophobia and somehow provoking this “far-right” lunatic to go on his rampage. The French president Sarkozy was even reproached for previously saying there were too many immigrants in France. See more examples from the Hall of Shame here (link).

It’s now been confirmed that the French police, no doubt under pressure from their political masters, were also fixated on the “far-right” hypothesis, to the point where they ignored Mohamed Merah’s name on a list of suspects to be checked out. If, instead, they had acted on this warning, the second and third attacks could have been prevented.

Mohamed Merah’s brother, Abdelkader, is currently on trial in France for complicity in the attacks. As a result, more information about them is coming out. The policeman who identified Merah as a suspect but was ignored by his superiors has recently been heard in court.

“If you had been listened to, Sir, there is no doubt we would not be here today. You have given us information that doesn’t appear in the file,” said the lawyer. On 15 March 2012, the day of the attack in Montauban that cost the lives of two soldiers, Christian Balle-Andui recalls having sent a note to his managers. This document a dozen names of Toulouse jihadis he had identified, among them that of the suspect. Among them, that of Mohamed Merah. But at that exact moment, his higher-ups were focused on the far-right line of enquiry. His intuition was destined to remain on sheets of paper.”


The fact that the police had ignored leads pointing to Merah because of their obsession with the “far-right” was already mentioned in a documentary years ago, which I wrote about at the time (link). But now we have it officially confirmed. Remember that Breivik’s epic berserking was in 2011. After that we were treated to endless warnings about how the “far-right” was as dangerous the jihadis. This obviously influenced the police response.

And we should never forget that Mohamed Merah became and still is a hero to many of the Muslims currently occupying France. (link)