Oy Vey! Mark Potok Says Trump is a “White Nationalist”

Daily Stormer
August 27, 2015

Mark Potok: The moral compass of America
Mark Potok: The moral compass of America

We are counting down to the entire Jewish media labeling Donald Trump “The New Hitler.”

Huffington Post:

A national hate-group watchdog said on Wednesday that the real estate mogul Donald Trump has “white nationalist positions” on Latino immigrants, whether he considers himself a white nationalist or not.

Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Alabama-based organization that monitors hate groups, told The Huffington Post that former White House communications director and three-time presidential aspirant Pat Buchanan was the last presidential candidate to appeal to white supremacist groups in a similar way.

Trump, who is running for president as a Republican, has attracted the support of a number of prominent white supremacists, including David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

You can go read the full interview if you want, or you can just assume you already know everything he is going to say and be exactly correct in that assumption.


  1. The Fathers Initiative

    did you ever notice how the SPLC ignores serious crimes committed by blacks, while focusing on trivial things which match their anti-white agenda? It never fails.

  2. Considering that the SPLC played a key role in motivating the domestic terrorist act of Floyd Corkins, it seems reasonable to claim that the SPLC is a terrorist organization and that it should be labeled as such.

    I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if SPLC-related information turned up in the documents associated with domestic terrorist Vester Flanagan.

  3. WN, bullshit! He’s not an antisemite nor is he focused on negro crime.
    He and Dr. Duke don’t care for each other.
    If you don’t respect what Dr. Duke has done for whites then you’re probably not WN, NS, CI or anything even remotely related.

    And limiting immigration will HELP bl@cks.

  4. These kikes are getting absurd now. Next they’ll claim he’s a Nazi for doing a racism on that beaner he deported from his press conference ?

  5. Dissident Aggressor

    My approach to voting. Step 1. Determine who the SPLC, AIPAC, Alan Dershowitz, the Washington Post op-ed columnists, and the Anti Defamation League most fervently oppose. Step 2. Vote for said candidate. This voting strategy has never steered me in the wrong direction and allows me to tune out most of the day-to-day political nonsense.

  6. Throw this self anointed moral compass of the United States down the fucking well already.

    So tired of hearing about jews telling us what to think about this or that, what’s acceptable, what we should consider important, what’s right and wrong…who the fuck asked them?? Talk about a silent coup as they suck this country dry.
    As the unhappy nigs should go back to Africa, all the American jews who carry on and on about their love for israel should fuck off there and leave us alone. We do not and never have needed your guidance.

  7. Quite a compliment for Trump, I must say!

  8. Mark Potok is a Jewish nationalist.

    Of course a White nation is going to be loaded with White nationalists. That would be natural.

    What I don’t get is why isn’t Mark Potok living in Israel yet? That’s supposed to be his Jewish home. Why is he still here messing with us?

    • The whole idea behind Israel and Zionism was so that Jews could *move out*. That’s exactly what Herzl planned for – he saw it as the best way to avoid “anti-Semitism”, and it makes sense. But of course, this isn’t good enough for the chosenites. They just need to rape both whites and Palestinians.

  9. … Wish I could ‘Daily Stormer’ watermark my stuff. Don’t know the deal with copyright infringement though.

  10. Donald Trumpovitz

    It’s so funny. They think they are ruining reputations but they are just digging themselves a bigger hole. If they get any more general, ie. bashing Whites any more obviously, it will just backfire on them and pave the way for us.

  11. Donald Trumpovitz

    Lumping all of our groups into one. Perfect.

  12. I think I will just assume I know what he has to say. I’m thinking the time it takes to read the full article is best spent on something else or at the very least, just wasted. I could pick my nose for instance, and come up with something far more useful than anything this chap could say.

  13. tomorrow its Trump lampshades and his love of gas ovens… stick around these are just opening salvos.. I’m betting some of his empire is rooted in stolen jew teeth from DA TRAINS!!! w00t wooooooo I hear that whistle comin…

  14. sellinpitchforks

    They’re getting so desperate about Trump now just throwing anything and see if it sticks. Racist wasn’t enough, now it’s bring on the SPLC.

  15. The sheeple, those unawakened Whites who don’t understand who their mortal enemies are, need to understand that the Southern Poverty Law Center, of which jew Mark Potak is their most outspoken antiwhite smearist, is an organization that is wholly run and controlled by jews. The SPLC claims to monitor groups they label “hate groups”. Like the jewsmedia, the SPLC is merely another propaganda arm of jew supremacists. Of course, any group that points out what jews and other nonwhites are doing to wreck this country is considered a “hate group”.

    The truth is, the SPLC is a smear group. They demonize White Nationalists by referring to them as “White supremacists” and “racists” and claim White Nationalists only support policies that benefit White people. We are not White supremacists, of course, and we do not seek to subjugate other races. If loving your own kind is “racism”, then, I guess we are “racists”, but so is everyone on the planet, and it is the jew supremacists themselves who are the primary racists.

    Another problem with SPLC lies is, there really are no policies at all that benefit White people. Although Whites make up the majority of the US population, there are no organizations that are looking out for White interests. There are only policies instituted by the US government that harm and take away from Whites, and it is jewish power, of which the SPLC is an integral part. Jewish groups initiate the legislation of antiwhite laws and policies. Jews were the driving force behind the antiwhite ’60s immigration which triggered the massive nonwhite immigration and the civil rights act which has resulted endless racial unrest in once peaceful predominantly White cities. Look now at the battle zones they’ve become.

    The only things White Nationalists are guilty of is their goal to awaken their fellow Whites of European heritage, the group responsible for the creation of this nation, that Whites, our traditions, our culture, are being sytematically squeezed out existence and destroyed by supremacist jews who are at the forefront of enabling, empowering, and entitling of non-whites.

  16. But Mr. Potok, where do you get this evidence? It was Israel he said he was behind 1000%. Funny you didn’t accuse him of being an Israeli nationalist? Can you show me where he said he was behind white nationalism 1000%? The Jew truth inversion never ends! Wouldn’t stopping illegal immigration benefit ALL Americans? Oh, I see, All Americans but the Jews who wish to exploit them! So you have to blame whites, even though it has been proven that blacks suffer most? It would appear that YOU are an Israeli nationalist who just doesn’t want us to know it. Nice try Jew. When are you going to accuse Lindsey Graham of Jewish Nationalism?

  17. Here is this Jew-fag explaining why Jews are the way they are. He’s about as anti-racist as Jesse Jackson is white.


      • With all those cuts, do you think it’s legit? He was likely explaining the viewpoint to criticize it, but the video left out the context. We really don’t need that sort of dishonesty.

      • Well it was certainly edited a lot, and the video quality was dodgy, but at least the main part of his message which was from around the 10 second mark to around 40 seconds seems in my eyes at least, not to have been edited. Regardless of whether or not he meant what he said, it was still probably the most honest 30 seconds of his life in front of a camera though.

    • Original Not See

      It’s good to see a Jew finally admit the truth of their genocidal program. /s

  18. It’s sometimes difficult for my Aryan brain to fully process the wicked deceitfulness of the Jewish brain and the insidiousness with which it distorts. I’ve managed to wrap my head around this one, though:

    A national hate-group watchdog said on Wednesday that the real estate mogul Donald Trump has “white nationalist positions . . .”

    Ahem .. Trump is the candidate, not WNs.

    In other words: WNs have Trump positions, not the other way around. If we make this more plain for folks to see, we may be able to short-circuit this “Trump has White Nationalist positions” tripe.

  19. VincentVanZimmerman

    Can you find a more laughable source than Potak being quoted on the Huff and Puff Post? What next? The Daily Kos says Richard Simmons says Trump hates gays?

  20. Racists, nationalists, supremacists…soon they’ll run out of buzzwords.

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