Lying SPLC Jews Purposefully Covered-Up Anti-White Hate Crimes in Their Hoaxed Anti-Trump Report

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2016


A few weeks after Donald Trump won the election, the Jewish cabal known as the SPLC (Semitic Pathologically Lying Criminals), run by the Jew Richard Cohen, partnered with (((Randi Weingarten’s))) American Federation of Teachers to put together a report claiming a massive uptick in white-on-non-white hate crimes in classrooms across the country.

As with most long-winded Jew cyber dumps, closer inspection reveals they not only egregiously exaggerated, they slanted the numbers by omitting reports from the 2,000 teachers who complained about white students being attacked by minorities because of the election.

New York Post:

At least 2,000 educators around the country reported racist slurs and other derogatory language leveled against white students in the first days after Donald Trump was elected president. But the group that surveyed the teachers didn’t publish the results in its report on Trump-related “hate crimes.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center partnered with the American Federation of Teachers, which formally endorsed Hillary Clinton, to circulate the questionnaire among its 1.6 million mostly Democratic members. The survey was sent out to K-12 teachers and administrators who subscribe to its “Teaching Tolerance” newsletter.

The SPLC’s widely cited report — “The Trump Effect: The Impact of the 2016 Presidential Election on Our Nation’s Schools” — reported that 40 percent of the more than 10,000 educators who responded to the survey “have heard derogatory language directed at students of color, Muslims, immigrants and people based on gender or sexual orientation.”

The takeaway was that Trump-supporting white kids have been harassing minorities at the nation’s schools. And SPLC’s schools report, along with a broader report on alleged Trump-inspired hate crimes — “Ten Days After: Harassment and Intimidation in the Aftermath of the Election” — sparked breathless coverage in the New York Times, Washington Post and other major media.

The reports also triggered a statement Friday from the US Commission on Civil Rights, which expressed “deep concern” that “prejudice has reared its ugly head in public elementary and secondary schools.” The panel called for more federal funding to prosecute “hate crimes.”

But the SPLC didn’t present the whole story. The Montgomery, Ala.-based nonprofit self-censored results from a key question it asked educators — whether they agree or disagree with the following statement: “I have heard derogatory language or slurs about white students.”

Asked last week to provide the data, SPLC initially said it was having a hard time getting the information “from the researchers.” Pressed, SPLC spokeswoman Kirsten Bokenkamp finally revealed that “about 20 percent answered affirmatively to that question.”

Bokenkamp did not provide an explanation for the absence of such a substantial metric — at least 2,000 bias-related incidents against white students — from the report, which focuses instead on “anti-immigrant sentiment,” “anti-Muslim sentiment” and “slurs about students of color” related to the election.

“They left that result out because it would not fit their ideological narrative,” former Education Department civil rights attorney Hans Bader said. “It was deemed an inconvenient truth.”

Bader pointed out that most of the anti-minority “hate crimes” and “hate incidents” cited by SPLC do not legally constitute hate crimes, and many involve constitutionally protected speech.

“It is simply ridiculous that SPLC treats ‘build the wall’ as hate rhetoric,” he said. The center counted people mentioning “build the wall” as 467 incidents of hate

Back in the real world, statistics show blacks are radically overrepresented as hate crime offenders (24%, at 12% of the population), while whites are distinctly underrepresented (48%, at 62% of the US population). Additionally, the FBI has the habit of classifying George Lopez looking Mexicans and Arabs as ‘white,’ which opens up the possibility that the number of white offenders is even lower.


And this is considering the fact that the bar for a Negro to be convicted for a hate crime against a white is much higher than the reverse. The real numbers are probably astoundingly unequal, even with the system stacking the deck with leaps that suspend logic. If they still can’t get the data they need to politically repress white people, they just make it up!

But when have the facts, even ones easy to find, ever stopped a Jew from lying? The Semitic Pathologically Lying Criminals must be audited and shut down, plain and simple. We must all lobby the Trump government to use the IRS like the Obama administration did, and put these criminal Zionist Soviet-commissar wannabes out of business for good.