Richard Spencer at the University of Florida! [Happening Over]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2017


Update 5:42 PM EST:


We’re all wrapped up.

Thanks to everyone that participated.

Here’s the full speech in high def with good camera angles.

Update 4:41 PM EST:

“I’m just here to socially signal that I hate everything about myself.”

Update 4:35 PM EST:

Told you guys to protest off campus.

Update 4:33 PM EST:

As a former Pizza Hut employee, I just want to chime in here and say that I would have been really happy if I was working and someone took the time to bring me a pizza they cooked at their house in appreciation of all my hard work. That would be a very nice gesture.

I mean, I know that was some kind of a riddle, but I just wanted to throw that out there. If someone did that, I would have really appreciated it when I was working there.

Update 4:25 PM EST:

This is cute.

So far, so good as far as the event goes.

Libshits freak out, university spends $600,000, we get mad media coverage, we look great in front of a bunch of apes.

Mission accomplished.

Update 4:02 PM EST:


Event over.

Best Spencer event yet.

Didn’t even have a speech. Just all the guys on stage getting yelled at and FIGHTING BACK.

Seriously though, this idea of “you have no right to say anything, we’re going to scream the f-word at you and tell you we hate you” is not popular, and it makes these people look like unhinged little babies.

It’s not a good look for them at all.

Millions of people are going to see this and more will read about it. And no one but the Jews is going to say “wow, yelling at that guy instead of letting him give a speech was super brave, wow.”

Update 2:41 PM EST:


Ruptly up top.

Update 2:38 PM EST:

Fox just cut Eli Mosley speech.

Gonna try to find other stream here.

Don’t know why there isn’t an official one.

Update 2:14 PM EST:

Well, we’re 15 minutes away from the scheduled time for the speech to start, and it hasn’t been shutted yet.

The speech is going to be on the Fox 20 stream (second one up top). The other networks are refusing to air it, apparently. They will however be showing the protests outside.

Update 1:35 PM EST:

Doors are opening NAO.

If you are reading this, and there, and didn’t get a ticket – read this and follow step-two.

Update 1:27 PM EST:

Excellent, excellent press conference by Richard Spencer. He was at the top of his game, made the press look like fools, no wonder it’s only shown on Phoenix TV.

It’s well worth watching.

No joke.

Best he’s been, ever.

Mike Enoch is great too.

Update 12:45 PM EST:

Spencer Press conference now!

Click it above!

Update 12:10 PM EST: 

The New York Times just published a piece attacking Spencer.

There are going to be thousands of people protesting.

Again, if you’re going, view the Stormer Plan and follow it.

Update 11:34 AM EST: 

So, George Bush just came out to give a speech ahead of the Richard Spencer event. He denounced “White Supremacy,” along with generally denouncing anyone against globalism and mass immigration, including thinly veiled attacks on Trump.

This is incredible. This guy hardly ever comes out, then they roll him out to talk about Martin Luther Coon the morning of a Spencer speech.

Update 8:39 AM EST: 

Here is my article about the Stormer Plan for the event.

Here is the ticket information.

Richard Spencer will speak at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Florida in Gainsville today.

Doors open at 1:30. But you should be arriving soon, if you’re going.

Happening now.

We’ll have streams soon, for those of you unfortunate enough to not be there.