Jews Launch Website Blacklisting Left-Wing Anti-Israel Activists by Name

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2015

Hymen Schwartz: Yo, Izzy, I got this perfect new candidate for degenerating society, it’s a self-proclaimed post-modern Marxist male feminist who did Women’s Studies under our cohorts at NYU. Read his dissertation about how intersectional patriarchal transphobia are behind manspreading on the subway, ha ha ha, oy, real great stuff. You interested in making him the “voice” of his generation? I was thinking we can ghost-write a book for him, maybe give him a rap career!

Israel GrossMan: Sounds like a real putz! Let’s do it! Let me run him through the computa’…Oh, f–k this guy! Just saw he attended a pro-Palestinian rally 10 years ago. Send out a white papa’ to all the Jews, who does this filthy Goy think he is applying the same standards to Talmudic Nazism will ever get near the mainstream! The shit we teach isn’t real, it’s meant to destroy our enemies!

If you think your left-wing politics will shield you from Jewish stalkers, think again! If you dare criticize Israel or participate in the growing Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions movement on campus, Jews will put you on a hitlist, similar to what the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League do.

The newest Goy-monitoring website is called “Canary Mission” and provides in depth biographies of campus Leftists who partake in anti-Israel protests, coupled with their personal information and social media pages.

Here’s their mission statement:

The Canary Mission database was created to document the people and groups that are promoting hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on college campuses in North America.

Every individual and organization has been carefully researched and sourced. If you appreciate the work of the Canary Mission, please help us continue to expose hatred by alerting us to anti-Semitic activists on your college campus, or donating.

It’s a sophisticated operation said to have big money backers and a professional staff. What’s strange is that it’s operators are shadowy; anonymous. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is because the “liberal” Anti-Defamation League and SPLC are lending some of their seasoned surveillance staff to aid in the project.

It goes to show you that the tactic of creepy Cheka-style stalking and “McCarthyist” (which Jews love to kvetch about, such chutzpah!) blacklisting is not a left or right wing tactic: it’s a despotic Jewish one.

Eric Striker (@Pr0tocolsrReal) is an anti-Semitic extremist, and regularly writes for TradYouth.

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