Jew Potok Again Mocks White Nationalists for Attacking Each Other

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2014

Whites: The only race obsessed with punching themselves in the face.
Whites: The only race obsessed with repeatedly punching themselves in the face.

The filthy Jewish rat Mark Potok of the SPLC was interviewed by a Jew reporter for the Washington Post in the wake of the Scalise scandal, ostensibly to inform the uninformed about the nature of our White racist movement.

In the article, Potok once again took a shot at us for constantly attacking each other.

If anything, the groups “were much better organized” in 2000, when there were several major groups, Potok said. Even as their numbers have grown, these groups are “constantly at each other’s throats,” which means they are not tremendously well-organized, he added.

This really has to stop.

I am sick of being mocked by these Jews for our own idiocy.  You should be too.

Let’s make 2015 the year we stop doing this.

Here’s the plan.

1.) If you see something, say something

Most of the disagreements are over totally petty issues, often wanting to force people to agree with your religion, or disliking their techniques.  Then, people start calling each other secret agents.

I won’t say that there aren’t any secret agents, but there are a lot fewer than people seem to think, I would wager.  It is really more of an insult than an actual assertion, when someone calls someone else that.  I am repeatedly called that, mainly by Moslems and Blacks, but also by Colin Liddell and random Anonymous trolls.  Anyway, this is dumb.  If you see someone calling someone else a secret agent, you should call them out on it, tell them they are hurting the movement by acting like a retard.

These people should be ashamed of themselves, and you have the power to make them ashamed by calling them out.  Unless they are Jews – which most anonymous people on the internet trying to be a “leader” tend to be – in which case they won’t be ashamed but will still lose credibility.

2.) People have a right to disagree with you

People deserve the freedom to believe in religion or not to, and it is none of your business if they do or don’t.  If you see someone disagreeing with your religious beliefs or lack there of, do this: mind your own business.

Most of these religious posts or anti-religious posts are obvious bait, either by Jews or people who are just bored, so please, never ever again in your life engage in a religious debate in a comments section.

If you don’t like Bill Finck‘s religious views, don’t visit his site.  If you don’t like Alex Linder‘s anti-religious views, don’t visit his site.  How on earth this situation could confuse anyone, I’ve no idea.  It is very, very simple to not get involved, and actually takes energy to get involved.  Why would you want to waste that energy?  If you have energy to waste on the internet, why not use it to troll actually enemies, instead of pro-White people who have different religious views than you?

Are you actually literally retarded?  Why should I have to explain this?

The same principle applies for a belief or lack thereof in conspiracy theories, or whether or not Russia is a good country.  And all of these other issues which you are already aware of which cause this idiot ego-conflict.

Grow up.

3.) If you don’t like it, keep away from it

The simple solution to things you don’t like in the White movement is to not expose yourselves to them, to not expose them to others.

You have the power to vote with your mouse.  If you think someone is a secret agent or you don’t like their religious views, don’t go to their site.  Don’t post links to their site on other sites.

4.) Produce Something

Final and best option: produce something better than they are producing.

From experience, those who obsessively attack others do it for personal reasons.  They are generally completely useless people who are incapable of creating anything on their own and so attempt to bring down those who do things so as they can feel better about themselves.

When people complain that they don’t like the Daily Stormer, I tell them they should make their own site and do it better.  I did not make this a popular website through sorcery.  It is popular because I have produced something which people like, period.

We need more content and competition is healthy.

The final rule to remember in all of this: act like a grown-up.  That is pretty much all it takes.  Just pretend you are an adult, and our movement will finally stop breaking itself apart over petty retardation.

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