Great News: Family Reunification will Only Bring 7 Million More “Migrants” to Germany

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2017

“Do the hand diamond thing, Mama Merkel!”

Got some great news, everyone.


In the current refugee crisis, new figures for how many asylum seekers and refugees have already come to Germany or will come in future are offered almost every day.

Now Bavaria’s Vice-President Ilse Aigner brings a new number into play: how many refugees could come to Germany in the next few years. She said to the Münchner Merkur that the talk is of “up to seven million people, as soon as recognised refugees have brought their families. What we are talking about exceeds – again – anything imagined.”

A lot of racists were throwing out craaaaaazy numbers like “TEN MILLION MORE.” But it’s only going to be seven million.

There are 83 million people in Germany already. Seven million is less than ten percent of their total population – absorbing that is nothing.

The 2-3 million original Afghans, Pakistanis and North Africans who came there in 2015-2016 fleeing the brutal civil war in Syria have already completely integrated.

They’re just as German as Hans and Greta. In fact, they’re even more German, because they had to struggle to become German. Being German is just an idea. 

What are seven million more?

Just a drop in the bucket that is the German melting pot.

German translation via Diversity Macht Frei.