But I’m Anti-Black, Anti-Moslem, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Semitic, Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Government AND Anti-Feminist!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2016

The Jew media has, for the time since the Alt-Right has been a thing, consistently attempted to frame us as skinhead/KKK members, who live in trailers and blah blah blah. This has resulted in most of the articles which are written about us featuring header images of the KKK or the NSM.

Sensing that the people are no longer buying this nonsense – as it hardly makes any sense when they also talk nonstop about how we use a cartoon frog as our movement logo – some Jew media outlets are attempting to do a bit more reflection on what exactly is going on.

One such Jew media outlet is Ezra Klein’s Vox, which recently posted an article entitled “Most of America’s hate groups are rooted in white supremacy,” where they attempt to uncover the true nature of rising pro-white movements.

They teamed with the chronically confused Jewish terrorist group the SPLC, so their analysis was as inept as you would expect.

From the article:

As much as the alt-right differs from traditional white supremacist groups organizationally, there is little difference when it comes to ideology.

The alt-right has benefited from a successful, ongoing public relations effort to rebrand various white supremacist and racist ideologies and graft them onto mainstream politics. But when compared side by side with other groups, the alt-right’s platform appears to just be age-old white supremacy served in a more palatable course.

With the help of SPLC, we gleaned each white supremacist group’s stated beliefs from public mission statements and literature, and gauged them against those of the alt-right. Note that these views reflect what leadership has expressed and may not represent the views of all members. (It is likely that many KKK members are sexist, for instance — but anti-feminism is not explicitly addressed in their ideology.)

This bungling analysis resulted in the following graph:


As someone who fits into at least three of these categories, this graph is highly offensive to me. I am whole-heartedly anti-black, anti-Moslem, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTQ, anti-government AND anti-feminist.

Actually the “anti-government” one is a little bit confusing – I’m against the current government, but I’m not against the concept of governments. I don’t think anyone is actually against the concept of government, save for anarchists and extreme libertarians. So that is pretty much a stupid category to even include, unless they are talking about the current government, in which case, obviously all of these groups would be against it, as would the majority of American citizens, generally.

But this is goofy. For a number of reasons.

Firstly, it’s goofy to talk about all of these groups together, as the Alt-Right has millions of members, and the rest of them – if we decide they are all separate groups – have at most a few thousand. I know some people who identify as Christian Identity, but this is a group with at most a thousand people. I have never met anyone who belongs to the KKK, or even communicated with anyone online who has told me they’re a member.

The article uses SPLC data to claim that there are hundreds of these groups, which is obviously a lie.

Secondly, they aren’t all separate groups. Someone in the Alt-Right is necessarily a White Nationalist – as are members of any of these other groups. That is a general term for someone who believes whites should have their own countries. Most of the people in the Alt-right are pro-Nazi, in that they don’t believe in the lies about Hitler, and believe it would have been better if he had won the war.

That’s usually how the media defines “Neo-Nazis.” I am constantly called a Neo-Nazi, but I have never flown a swastika flag at a rally, dressed up in a Nazi uniform, or encouraged anyone to do that. If we’re talking about “Neo-Nazis” in terms of dressing up with swastikas, the only group I’m aware of that exists now that does this is the NSM, and they have I would assume only a couple hundred members. I don’t actually know much about them.

Also – what is the difference between a “Racist Skinhead” and a “Neo-Nazi”? I guess someone can be a Neo-Nazi without being a Racist Skinhead, but surely, all Racist Skinheads are also Neo-Nazis, are they not?

I mean – how goofy?

Thirdly, and most importantly, this checkbox thing is retarded. Virtually everyone I know, regardless of their choice of terminology by which they self-identify, is against all of those things (if we consider the above caveat relating to the term “anti-government”). There are a few people here and there who are soft on fags or feminism, but they are certainly an extreme minority in any pro-white movement.

Srsly Wat

I have no idea whether this article on Vox was a genuine attempt to understand rising pro-white sentiment in America, but if it was, it is one of the worst analytic failures I’ve ever come across.

One would imagine that the SPLC would have an interest in actually understanding what is going on, but they may simply be incapable of doing so. Or perhaps, they have some reason for spreading misinformation. Certainly they might consider it beneficial to lump together old stereotypical “hate groups” such as the KKK with more modern white movements. I don’t think that is beneficial, but I am able to see that they would think that.

Basically, the opposition is in a state of total disarray, scurrying about trying to do anything to stop the rising tide.

But they can’t do anything.

We won before we even started.