An Open Letter to President Duterte

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2017


Mr. President,

I personally have a long history with the Philippines.

I lived there.

I lived in Davao when you were mayor, and when I was in my mid-20s, your policy of dealing with criminals swiftly and mercilessly helped shape my personal view of the world and the way a society should be run.

I used to get into arguments with liberals about you and your daughter’s methods of governance. I would always win these arguments by simply asking: is there a single city in this country where you are safer than Davao? Is there a single city where Filipino children are less damaged by this country’s drug trade?

Of course, everyone knew the answer. And there was no response.

Many years later, when you declared your run for President, I used this website to throw complete support behind you.

I saw in your potential Presidency the potential to redirect a nation that I care about, and on the larger scale, to show the whole world that there is a different way of doing things. That yes, you can keep the people safe. You can remove the drugs. You can call Barack Obama a son of a whore, and tell the Western imperialist empire that you will put your country and your people first.

When you were elected, you surpassed my expectations ten fold. You have given the middle finger to all of the people that are destroying both of our nations, and the whole world has watched. You have not backed down from a single fight. You have created a new Manila. And you have created a new world. A world where everyone is forced to know that it is possible for the people to run their own country, with a leader who rules in their name, rather than in the name of abstract new morality created by the international ruling elite for the purposes of the international ruling elite.

Your Presidency is something much bigger than you now, and much bigger than the Philippines. Dutertism is something that the people of Western nations are looking to as a solution to our own problems.

Your Presidency has posed a question to the world: if the Filipinos can run the Philippines, than why can’t the rest of us run our own countries?

The Daily Stormer has been, since your declaration, the single most pro-Duterte western media outlet, hands down. And it will continue to be, whatever your decision on my proposal.

Because I am the type of journalist that is pro-Duterte and pro-Dutertism, I have been banned from the internet. I am the first person that this has ever happened to in history.

I have been banned by every major internet monopoly and by multiple world governments. The United States government, for all its talk of freedom, has done nothing to address my situation, even while what has been done to me appears to be in violation of supposed “Net Neutrality” laws. The Western media – which also very much enjoys talk of freedom when they are condemning you for dealing directly and justly with criminals – has justified my banning from the internet by claiming I am evil, a racist, a neo-Nazi white supremacist.

And so it is that I ask you directly: can my website reside in your country?

The benefit to you is clear: I have been the key founder of an international Western support network for you, your government and your policies. My reasoning for this is selfish, as I want to see your style of governance applied in my own country, but I am the only voice speaking to a Western audience promoting not only your government, but Dutertism as the solution to the global situation.

Furthermore, by granting the Daily Stormer amnesty in the Philippines, you can show directly that the entire West is ruled by hypocrites who speak of freedom while silencing their own people. And you can show that the Philippines, under your rule, is a free nation which supports the right of dissent against the internationalist ruling class which seeks to destroy your nation and mine.

Thank you for your consideration,

Andrew Anglin